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Construction - All Types Of Portable Toilets

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The Work Site

Our construction units are kept in new condition. We have actually had superintendents tell us they have seen an improvement in morale and work ethic from having clean units on site.

We have standard units, half units, hi-rise units, and holding tanks available.

If you have had bad experiences with portable toilets there are only two things that could have gone wrong.

  1. Lack of quality service
  2. Not enough units

We can make the first issue a non issue. The second one is up to you.

The general rule is one toilet per 10 workers for a 40 hour week.

From our past experience we have learned that this holds true even if you want twice per week service. If you have 100 workers on a site and only 5 units available, within 1 day they will be in horrible shape. However if you have 10 units for the same 100 workers, there will be a phenomenal difference. We not only want you to have enough units for a clean and safe workplace. We also want you to have enough so it will not reflect badly on us. It is your job site, but it is our name that is on the units.


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